Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Commonwealth!!


The commonwealth is like the Olympics. The first commonwealth was in 1931.
There are many sports like, boxing,javelin,shot put and many more.

What countries are apart of the commonwealth!

The countries that play these sports are  Scottland,India,australia,   
England,New zealand,Malaysia,canada,Jamaica americas,Fiji,asia.

The commonwealth is when people from more than 50 states gather to play some related olympian games and work together to achieve their goals.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Strings of guitar!

Holiday highlight!!

In the holiday I went to the movies with my little brother and Aunty. The movie we watched was Transformers Four at Sylvia park cinema. Before going into the theater, I thought the movie was going to have many of new transformations, and a lot of action.    

The movie was delightful, all the action, sadness, funny and happy.
It was kind of messy when we got out but It was okay. My favourite part is when Shane saved the heroic Auto bots.

It was an a contended theater experience but to long. We got in to the cinema at five forty and came out at eight forty. A three hour movie should be exhausting but I was jubilant and wanted to see more.