Thursday, 10 December 2015


Walt: write an end of the year reflection.

My experience in extension has been so amazing for the past two years. From years 5 to 6. From the beautiful Mrs tele'a to the incredible mrs langitupu. Both teachers have taught me and the rest of extension a lot about countries, nationalities and endangered animals.

But the most thing I will miss from extension is the people that are in extension. That I have felt close with from the past 2 years. As my extension days are coming to an end my mind for hard working dl project is not going to be lost as I move to another school.

Task description: This task was based on an end of year reflection in extension . I have written 2 paragraphs about extentson that has really stood out for me. I am really gonna mis this school so I hope you enjoy my 3rd to last blog post.

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  1. Hi Adriel,
    I am a year 7 student from St Pius x catholic school, I really like your beautiful school.I have heard amazing news about your school. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more of your work.


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