Friday, 29 May 2015

Problem solving!

                    Walt: Solve problems by solving them!
Task description: We got the task to solve problems by using a fast stratergy. We are solving problems by writing it out and thinking about it. Hope you enjoy!

Winter News article!

Walt: To write a news article!

Pt England children speak out about winter!
Byline: Adriel Teremoana, 2015

Pt England students speak out about why school should be closed on rainy day!

Autumn is coming to an end and winter is starting. So these students speak out how it might go on rainy days and in winter! Here are some tips they have come up with when it's a rainy day: Use an Umbrella, get a ride, rain coat or you can get a taxi!

At Pt england school in room 6, some children have been saying that instead of coming to school on rainy days that school should be closed instead of opened. Rosalina a year 6 student from room 6 says” That school should be closed on rainy days because people are getting sick and some children at their school don’t have an umbrella, car, rain coat and they might not have money to afford a taxi!

Whitebait fritter sports!

Walt: Research and work collaboratively!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

20 hour famine reflection!

On the 22nd of May (  Friday ) the year 5,6,7 and 8 Extension participated in the 20 hour famine. We are fundraising by asking people, family and friends if they can sponsor us in the 20 hour famine so the money can go to people in Bangladesh so they can have a bright future, Food in there hands and education for the kids.
We also had a sleep over on Friday. We only could eat one thing and drink two things and they were : Barley sugar, Juice and water!
It was really cool and we did loads more stuff as well! The teams were Green, Red, Yellow and Blue!

What is the 20 hour famine?
The 20 hour famine is when you fundraise for family's and children all over the world just to get them Clean water, food, shelter, education, clothes and lots more stuff that will help them to live a happy and healthy life!

Doing the famine?
We had started the night by playing: Table tennis, Basketball, Karaoke and loads more. Two Ambassadors came to Pt England and talked to us about the people in Bangladesh and how they live and how they do things in Bangladesh!

How I felt when I did it!
I felt really proud of myself because I helped and contributed sponsors to Bangladesh. Thank you to all who participated because you are a hero!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Teacher maths leasson!

Task description: We had the task to do a Edu creations about decimals with our teacher! 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Problem solving!

    W.A.L.T: Use problem solving to solve questions!             
Task description: Mr Somerville gave us the task to do this presentation. This was a easy to medium thing to do. 
Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The 40 hour Famine!

Tomorrow Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th the 40 hour famine will start. I am participating to help the people in Bangladesh to give them a bright future and to provide food by raising money. The 40 hour famine helps people all around the world to get them food, water, clothes and education for kids. So if you wanna sign up for the 40 hour famine then go on! So will you be a hero and help!

My advice!

  W.A.L.T: Find proof of the authors Message!

Task description: We got the task to find a game sutibile for the character that has sent an e-mail to ask for advice. We then do research to find a game sutibile for him. Hop you enjoy!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Teacher maths leasson!


Task description: We got the task to solve multiplication problems!
Hope you enjoy!

Liam, Interview, Nepal!

W.A.L.T:Find proof of the authors message!
Liam is a 11 year old boy currently living in New Zealand. Liam is obsessed with games, and likes to do impressions of rockets! And I am going to ask him some questions related to the Nepal earthquake!

If an earthquake had struck your town what would you do? I would try to calm myself find shelter and get as much help as I can,  and try to get the power on so I can play games on my computer!

How do you feel about the earthquake in Nepal! I feel sad for all those people who are suffering from this situation and my love goes to all of the people in Nepal

What would you do to help Nepal in anyway!
I would do a little fundraiser to help! Maybe a sausage sizzle or disco you know!

Task description: We got the task to write a interview about a character. The twist was we had to write questions related to the Nepal earthquake but we had to answer the questions our selves!

Friday, 1 May 2015

News article

  W.A.L.T write a lead paragraph for a news report
Teacher from Pt England has a baby!
Byline:Adriel Teremoana, 2015
At Pt England school, Auckland,New Zealand a year 7 and 8 teacher (Mr Wiseman) has recently been away. This has been going on since last week, due to the birth of his new born babygirl Aiylah! The students and staff wish him all best to his family!
Task Description:We got the task to write a lead paragraph for a news report! We had to write about Mr Wiseman and his new born baby. I really you enjoy.