Thursday, 15 May 2014

My New Zealand and Malawi Menu

New Zealand and Malawi have these same things-potatoes -Bread-Tea   

New Zealand has more meat than Malawi,Malawi has more Nshima than New Zealand.

In Extension we have been comparing and contrasting the difference and similarity in food in New Zealand and Malawi.One of the things that I have learnt on this project is that kids and people in Malawi are dying in the need of hunger.And Another thing I learned was that New Zealand does not have that much corn than Malawi.So This Menu is about combining the stuff that we both have in common and our difference in food. So Hope you learn and enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The boat race!

The Boat Race CN.3.98
Screen shot 2014-05-11 at 3.16.48 PM.png
WALT: find and use the relevant part of a text to accurately answer a question.

1.Tim had felt sad when Jason yelled at him because you can see his emotions on Tims face

2. Tim made his boat by reading books about boats

3.Tim had used a milk bottle for the platform of the boat

4.  Fill in the table below with information from the text.

Students Name
Boat Type
(what it looks like)
(how it moves)
Classy with multicoloured sails
wind power
jolly roger
Very strong and old
battery power
Brendon'sTrimaranGreen and hardwind power
JasonwarshipScars and woodwind power

5. Reflect on the different boats in the story.
Write three sentences explaining which boat you would make and why.  

If I was in the race I would build a Waka because it represents Maori and I am Maori.
If I was in a race I would have a Canu because it will be challenging to make it move but it won’t be impossible.
If  I was in a race I would go back in the olden days and do a pirate ship because I wanted to see how you can make it out of recycled things and the decorating.


What is buoyancy?

A long time ago in Syracuse, Ancient Greece there was a great mathematician named Archimedes. One day when he was taking a bath he had discovered something life changing. When he got in some water got displaced and it overflowed over the bath tub.

Archimedes discovery got him thinking. He was so excited that he ran through the streets without any clothes on shouting eureka!! eureka!! This meant I have found it in Greek.

He figured out that if you put something in water and it is lighter than the amount of water being displaced, the object will float.This is known as buoyancy or the Archimedes principle.
So if the object is float it is buoyant  

Screenshot 2014-05-12 at 09.53.59.png


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Holiday highlight!

In the Easter holiday ,on a Thursday morning my mum said"Me my brother and aunty are going to Britomart"."Yeah"I replied .I was excited to have a day out with her because we have hardly seen each other.When we arrived at Britomart, we had to walk from the train station to the movie theater. It was a long walk but we made it.

On the way we had made some stops to buy things to bring to the cinema. Like chocolate,lollies and cookies and all sorts of yummy things. It all looked delicious. But the rule was not to eat it until we are watching the movie so I was desperately rushing to the movie.

After about twenty-thirty minutes we had finally arrived at the movie,game and food center. It was a building of magic. Us three went into the elevator to buy tickets for the movie.  My aunty had bought tickets to watch “ Muppets most wanted”. When it was eleven o’clock we went into the cinema and watched the movie.

The movie was amazingly good. My brother kept saying "piggy piggy piggy." I think Miss or should I say Mrs Piggy really got his attention. We thought it was really hilarious.                                                                                                                                       Just soon after we left the movie centre we had something to eat.Well I had butter chicken and  mmm it was delicious. When our food was finished we were finished for the day as well,so we hopped on the train and went home.The end

Basket boats!!

Basket  Boats
1..Screenshot 2014-05-06 at 10.25.04.png

2. Thanh wants to be a fisherman like his father when he grows up.

3. Qui Nhon is in the southern coast of Vietnam

4. Thung chai is a boat that is made out of bamboo

5.1.They help sort out the fish 2.Then drag out the thung chai

6. How does the boat get its shape?They start with the top which they get a bambo and curve it to make it like the shape and start weaving down.

7.A sap from a speacial tree is what make's the bamboo stick together.

8. The sap help's the bamboo from going bad and makes it water tight

9. List three ways the thung chai can be used for.
    -crab fishing