Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why should you learn to swim!!

Why should we learn to swim?

Why should you learn to swim is a great question to ask. So I am here to answer that question and give examples throughout the text. Mmmm… so why don’t we get started.

One example why you should learn how to swim is when you are out at sea and your ship or boat tip over then you will drown. But if you know how to swim then you actually have a chance at surviving in the ocean. So swimming can make you survive and have fun in the water. Swimming can also make you a hero for saving somebody’s life.     

Learning how to swim can be an exercise for you and your friends. The kicking helps your legs get more power and  makes you really fit. I think we are finished with this subject so  lets move to something else shall we.

If you do not know how to swim and your friend invites you to go to the pools, then what are you going to do? An example when your friend goes to the bombing area and you stay in the little pool, the you will be really really embarrassed. But if you know how to swim and you go in the bombing pool then you will have so much fun.

Well those are all my reasons why you should learn how to swim. So it is time for me to go. Hope you have a fun time swimming or learning to swim. Bye.

The world of fern's!!

The word of fern's!!!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Layer's of the forest!!!

I am learning to find and use information from a range of sources. We are reading about the native bush and ferns. This picture shows the different layers of New Zealand’s native bush.


Friday, 21 March 2014


Hello my name is Adriel and I am going to tell about year 5 and 6 camp and all the activity’s we did on camp. Every time you are at camp you get divided into six groups like Care squad, Caretakers, Manakai,Care ring,All stars and care bears(I was in  the care squad). So umm...Why don’t we get started.

On a Wednesday morning all the year five and six went to the hall so we know what we are going to do first activity while we are on camp.Miss Garden
was talking about how our attitude has to be.Finally we are done talking and getting sent to our activity.Our first activity was top town.

One of the care squads first activity was Top town. Top town is a game of team work and battle.We as a team had to use wood to get safely across the the river of the screaming eel’s so we do not get eaten alive.Well that was our first challenge our second challenge was the battle station.It is a challenge was to chuck water balloons at the teams.The wetest team loses. After the station we had to go to the ball station we you get a catapult to shoot tennis ball’s on their Island.

Next it was the gumboot throw which we had to target their Island.We did the gumboot throw so now we have to get six planks of wood and cross the river of the screaming eel’s and back to our Island and put up our flag,we ran and ran but sadly we lost the battle but I think we aren't losers we are winners because we worked together and gave it everything we had.Well now we are finished of to the next activity which is kayaking.

Now we are at Pt England Beach where Mr Burt was teaching camp students how to kayak. When our group got to the beach we had to sat down on the sand to talk about the rules of kayaking. We learnt things like how we get in “Foot bum foot” and how we paddle. The paddle is like a knife so when you put one side in the water and you bring it out you rotate it to get more power.

Finally we were aloud to get in a kayak and paddle around the water.I went around the buoy which is really far out. For a second I thought I was going to fall out, but I didn’t so I was so lucky. When I was nearly at shore I tipped into the sea. It was really funny because from then I kept  falling and falling. I rotated the kayak to Leni because I was tired. After about twenty minutes I went in a double kayak with Judah. Me and Judah were near a big rock I wanted to paddle out to the buoy but I tipped over again. We were pushing the kayak back when I cut myself. The cause of the bleeding was a large sharp object (I really do not what it was). I got back to the sand and I used my hat as a big plaster.I sat down and didn’t move until it was was time to go back to school.
We said thank you and bye to Mr Burt and headed back to camp to have afternoon tea.
When we arrived at school we went into our camp teacher’s classroom and did some blogging about camp.We also did practice for our concert on thursday night.Our song is macklemore ft ryan lewis can't hold us.After practice we went to the hall to get our bags and put it in our tent.My leg was numb through all of that work.

By the time we were finished the Care squad and caretakers went to the pools to have a swim and shower.The swim was fantastic but the shower’s were very cold. When we came back we hung up our togs and had some lunch.We came back and people were playing riverside games.So we joined in with all the fun.Once we were finished we got our cutlury and had dinner.

After dinner we brushed our teeth,changed into our pyjamas and went to sleep.But after all I could not sleep because people were fake coughing,farting,laughing and talking.Just the moment went by all I could here was the beautiful sound of the crickets and I went to sleep.

This year’s camp was such an experience.I was packing my bags miserable but I thought about next year’s camp but I’m not going on one camp I am going on two camps.


                                                               The end

This is my bookmark!!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fred's Camp!!!

Fred and His Amazing Night-time Powers - Part 1

WALT: Share our understanding of the text as it is read (comprehension).

1. How do you know that Mrs Ramsbottom regretted the kids bringing torches last year?
It is because people were flashing their torches and having lollies and cookies.

2. How come Fred didn’t groan?
Because he didnt need light because he was blind.

3. How did the boys feel about Fred? How do you know?
They felt that he would not fit in with the other boys because he is different.
4. What kind of personality do you think James Cowan has? What kind of kid is he?
I think his personality not listening and he is a cheeky kid.
5. Why did the boys make Fred sleep on the bottom bunk?
Because the don’t want the responsibility of him falling.

6. What kind of jobs do you think the kids had to do?
To go to their cabin and set it up and then return back to the U.

7. How do you play kidnappers? List the instructions below:
You try to get a member from the  other team and return them back to their hideout and put them as a prisoner The winning group with the most enemies wins  

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


          Hi I am at camp!! Once you are here you do not want to leave because....It is so FUN!!!
          I really enjoy Kayaking and top town because they are really complicated and fun.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Typing master!!!

This is how fast I can type! How fast can you type?


You will never guess what the year Five and Six are doing this week? We are going camping at Pt England School this Wednesday,Thursday and Friday. It is a time to get to know everybody and have a jolly, fun time.

Camp will be a good time to hang out with friends and get three days off of doing the housework (I am free). My teacher and friends will give me company. I am just wondering does camp make you clean? 

Well be sure to check back on my blog as I will be at camp. Bye!!

Friday, 7 March 2014


                                                      Year 5 and 6 camp

                              That is right 5 more sleeps until camp year 5 and 6's.
                              camp.Be prepared on Wednesday cause you are
                              about to have the time of your life.

Golden girls!!

Me and miss Ouano!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

10, 100 or 10 000 more or less!!

This is my learning from this week!!!

Our caterpillar!!!!!!!!!!

Our fellow friend caterpillar eggy has passed on to the heavens above."We miss you eggy" from class 10.

Hauhake Harakeke!!!

WALT: Use clues in text, along with prior knowledge to help comprehension.

Hauhake Harakeke
1. What does hauhake Harakeke mean?
It means harvesting

2. How did the harakeke move to make the children feel welcome?
It was moving side to side to say hi

3. When was the harakeke planted?
1987 (17 years ago)

4. How does the harakeke standing tall make the children feel?
Standing very tall to make the children proud

5. Why is any left over harakeke returned to the bushes?
because you are finished weaving it. and to respect it

6. Name 4 items you can make from harakeke (pages 9 and 10).uti
potaka,tipare,kete and putiputi

7. Choose one of the items made from flax in the story and look at some google images of it.

Oualities of a good friend!!!

A frogs life cycle!!

Have you ever heard about a frog’s life cycle before? Hmmmm…..Well my name is Adriel and I am going to tell you the 4 stages of a frog. The four main stages are egg, tadpoles,froglet and adult frog.

Well the 1st stage is a tiny jelly egg. The mother survive and some don’t.The reason why they don’t survive,because there are lots of hungry enemies eating them.

After about a week then a baby tadpole comes out,it has no arms,no legs just a tail. It has gills just like a fish so it can breath underwater.When the tadpole is growing it’s  legs then the tail starts to disappear.

When the tail starts to disappear It starts to grow arms and legs .Once the tadpole has done metamorphosis the little frog now lives on land hiding underneath leaves and stones.They listen for danger to alert the other frogs.

After about 6-12 months the froglet has now turned into an a  adult frog.Now she or he can find the special someone to start the life cycle over again.