Tuesday, 25 November 2014


On friday the 21st of November the year five’s went to the Art gallery. We hopped on the bus at an approximate time of
8:55 to travel to the city. When we got there first we had to sit down by the doors and then the guides had a little talk with us so we knew what we are doing.
             Session one!
Our first activity was the gallery tour. The gallery tour is when you look at a picture and you think what the painting is about. Our tour guide was Lynda. She was really fascinating how she spoke and what she did to make us understand the painting. After we had finished we had a little morning tea break then went of to our next session.

            Session Two!
Class 10’s next session was the “Studio”.
In the studio we did some art in a story jar. Story jars are paper cardboard jars. You draw things that happened in the past like, Christmas, Halloween, Birthday’s and many more. I did halloween. We drew with pencil and then outlined with vivid. Coloring in well...We used special water pencils and water paint. To be continued!