Thursday, 10 December 2015


Walt: write an end of the year reflection.

My experience in extension has been so amazing for the past two years. From years 5 to 6. From the beautiful Mrs tele'a to the incredible mrs langitupu. Both teachers have taught me and the rest of extension a lot about countries, nationalities and endangered animals.

But the most thing I will miss from extension is the people that are in extension. That I have felt close with from the past 2 years. As my extension days are coming to an end my mind for hard working dl project is not going to be lost as I move to another school.

Task description: This task was based on an end of year reflection in extension . I have written 2 paragraphs about extentson that has really stood out for me. I am really gonna mis this school so I hope you enjoy my 3rd to last blog post.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Equivalent fractions!

Walt:find equivalent fractions

Task description: Our task was to partner up and do a presentation. The learning task was to "write the fraction in the lowest terms, using a forward slash to separate the numerator from the denominator.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 1 term 4 maths problem solving!

Walt: Simplify fractions

Task description: Our task was to write a fraction, using a forward slash (/) to separate the numarator and the denominator.  

Friday, 16 October 2015

Habitat study!

Walt:To summarise information and put it into a presentation

Task description: This task was to summarize a text about the grassland and write a description. I found out that trees are not common to Grassland because the tempature are mostly hot and the soils are poor.

The Fear factor challenge!

Walt: write a introduction

I thought that watching Fear factor would be so funny until now. The wonders of having a Fear factor challenge in your own classroom. Gross creatures and blood everywhere. But would you want to be surprised?

Plan of my paragraph topics

1. Introduction
Orientates and hooks
2. Body Paragraph 1
Introducing the fear factor: Explaining how mr goodwin
showed us a video and talked through about the challenge
3. Body Paragraph 2
Getting picked and ready for challenge/Contestants: How they were nervous and how other people such as myself were gutted that we weren't picked.
4. Body Paragraph 3
The fear factor begins: How all of them devoured the disgusting food and drinks in front of them.
5. Conclusion
What I think about the fear factor challenge
Task description: In this task we got to write an introduction about a real life fear factor challenge that our friends did. I thought it was going to be disgusting and horrible. But at the end when we actually new what it was, you would be surprised.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Review of cindy in da house!

Walt:write a review about Cindy in da house!

Last term Pt england school had been doing a production named cindy in da house. On Monday the 21st of september there was a matinee for all the schools in Glen innes like glen brae, Tamaki primary,ruapotaka and many more. They all got a first exclusive look at the the theatre performance of Cindy in da house.

Also from the nights of the 22nd to the 24th of september actors and dancers and all of the participants of Cindy in da house have been going to school on the dates 22nd,23rd and 24th at night time to do a theatre performance. It included singing,dancing and acting.

And on friday the 25th of september the school came together and watched amazing dances, beautiful singing and incredible acting. If I could rate this performance I would give it a 10/10.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Reflection of Cindy in da house!!

Walt:write a reflection about our school production.

Cindy in da house!!
Cindy in da house is our school production that we got to see on friday, term 3 last week of term. It was also on tuesday,wednesday and thursday night from 22nd of september.
We would pay five dollars a ticket but on friday it was a free showing for our whole school.   

Gathering at 9:00 in the morning lining up in different spaces of the hall that we are not 
familiar with and sitting down waiting patiently. As 10 minutes passed the show was starting. Lights went off, nothing to see, people came on. Dancing,singing,acting and short clips were in this brilliant show.

After about an hour, the show was finished. From amazing dancing to an amazing performance.
This would have to be one of my favourite theatre show in my whole entire life. It was an amazing experience.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Term 3 ambassador experience!

Walt:write an over view/experience about the ambassadors.

My ambassador experience? Well first this term was a busy term for us ambassadors. There was a speaking engagement on one day as a sports game. But made even busier because the tournament/game was on right after we had finished. It was a challenge getting to our games but we eventually got there, thanks to Mrs Nua and Mrs McMillan for the rides to our sports games. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have made it. So as you have read it's been a heck of a term hasn't it?

Another experience I will add is the pacific ambassadors and taking a trip to Auckland university(Epsom campus). Now with the pacific ambassadors it was so cool looking at ambassadors from different parts of the Pacific like, Fiji, Cook Islands, Hawaii and the island/country that we live in - New Zealand. The cool part was that the year 6 ambassadors are representatives of Pt England School. It just gives you a good feeling inside and makes you proud of yourself because you know that you have done something good. You might be thinking, "Oh is it always this hard?" because when I started I felt like that but the thing is you are representing 600 and something students so you have got to be proud. And that is what I feel now and onwards.

My last and final but yet my greatest event yet is the trip to Auckland University. It was a big room with about 30 people in that room. It was a harder experience than doing it at school and just speaking, because you have to change the script. Instead of saying welcome to Pt England school you will have to say thank you for welcoming us in to your learning space and into your university. Mumbling up the words is what lets you down but just pick yourself up and keep on talking. That is what I believe our creator, our leader and beautiful director of Manaiakalani, Mrs Burt, said to us when we first got started.

That is my ambassador term 3 experience. Hope you have enjoyed reading my ambassador experience as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.

Thank you to Mrs and Mr Burt for all your love and kindness!!

My term 3 over view!

Walt:write a term 3 over view.

My term overview is a lot of recounts and a lot of math whiz. My favorite out of these two tasks was math whiz. The reason why I liked math whiz more than recounts is because math whiz is a game that never stops. It is fun at the same time and teaches you a lot about how to solve and to add,subtract and many more things. Also a lot of sports. From cricket to rugby to tag and many more. This term has been a journey of 10 weeks in the making. This has got to be my personal favorite terms.

It has also got to be my favorite year. with my silly and crack up teacher Mr Somerville.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Market day,Market day!

WALT:  write an interesting and detailed recount .

You know how kids go to school, well on friday I think you could call it kids go to work day? Our Year 5 and 6 had a market day last friday. We bought,we sold and we earned! But not actual money but fake,Pts and pieces. By working?

Homeware,kitchen,jewels and accessories,custom stationery,music and toys are our trade and enterprise groups. I am in homeware and where I make coaster and vases. In each group we make a product according to the theme of our group. We paint,cook,plat,print and make.

Setting up wasn’t the hardest part. It was just making your stall look pretty. But putting your products on the table, getting your sign, putting a cloth on the table. Like it might not be the hardest thing ever but it can be the most boring thing ever. I was just glad that the setting up part was over.       

Selling coasters and vases wasn’t that easy because kids want cake, brownies and toys.
But at the end I made 34pt. Who knew that Vases and coasters could be so cool! I enjoyed my selling experience.
I really hope that next term we will have the fun of doing another market day with different products and hopefully more delicious food. I can imagine it now.

Highlight on the rubric where think your writing scores
Recount Writing

Write for my reader
I've tried to think about my reader
My writing shows some awareness of reader because my writing is quite clear and I have tried to interest my reader.
My writing is easy to understand and I have tried to tell the reader what it was like to be there by giving details and my thoughts.
My writing really considers audience as reader because I have kept their interest and made them feel like they know exactly what it was like for me.
I tried to meet the purpose
My text goes some way towards meeting the purpose
The message is clear in some parts of the recount.
My text fully meets the purpose.
The message is clear all through the recount.
My introduction does not yet clearly orientate or hook in my reader.
My introduction gets some buy in from audience and they can understand what I am going to write about.
My introduction hooks in my reader and it is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction wows my reader!
Paragraph Topics
My paragraphs are confused and don't follow my plan.
I have tried to follow my plan.
Most my paragraphs are about 1 big idea and I have added some detail.
My paragraphs have some complex as well as simple sentences. Post paragraphs give details about 1 big idea.
I have followed the paragraph topic in my plan.
My paragraphs have complex and simple sentences. Paragraphs all give details about 1 big idea.

Task description:This is our market day recount. We got the task to write five paragraphs about our market day on Friday. We bought and we sold products. The reason why we had a market day is according to our topic this term "Trade and enterprise".

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Walt:use our inferencing skills to find meaning in the text.
Task description:Today we learned how to use adjectives,nouns,verbs and adverbs,but there was a change of this. We had to put them into order to make sense. We learnt how to use a range of language and use our inferenceing skills, we did heaps of learning today. Our class did this under 30 minutes.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to subtract decimals???

Task description: We got the task to subtract decimals. And also we learnt how to takeaway decimals but first we had to learn place value of decimals. For e.g 0.897.. what is in the tenths spot "8". This like that. 

I would rate this task for difficulty would be a 2/10. I thought that this task was to easy in a way. in the future I would like a harder task. 


WALT:  We are learning about adverbs and how to use them effectively.
Task description: This task was about  adverbs and how to use them effectively. We made a copy of a presentation which is this one that you see on top of this peace of writing. There is four google slides where I have come up with an action and wrote in a sentence "Determiner, noun and verb and then " for the title and the we use the title and add an adverb.. as simple as that. I hope you enjoy my learning.

Monday, 31 August 2015


Walt:use our inferencing skills to find meaning in the text.
Task description: This is a one slide presentation that I have created with my buddy Sulieti.
We have turned this poem into something unusual. you might think its one the thing but at the end
you will be surprised.

This was an exciting task but as hard as difficulty goes I think that this task was about a 5 out of 10.
So I thought it was hard but in reality it wasn't.

Friday, 28 August 2015

My job application!

Walt:Write an application for a job
To whom it may concern,

Porch cleaner
I am applying for the position of porch cleaner. I think I would be good for the job is because I am good and as well a clean person.

This job is perfect for me because at home, I help my aunty and cousin pick up rubbish and clean the out side. I can do that with the porch as well. Making it looks tidy for visitors and making rubbish is in the rubbish bin.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your sincerely,
Screenshot 2015-08-10 at 10.00.29.png
Adriel Teremoana

Letter of reference
My niece Adriel is a tidy person so you can trust her to be a clean the porch cleaner.

I believe that Adriel will be a great person to hire for this job because she can take responsibility of herself and the year 5 and 6 porch cleaner. She has awesome listening skills and can work really well with many people to clean with.

Adriel will be great for this position because she has the right personality for cleaning because she knows how to clean and even helps me in the weekends . She can participate with others and can take good care and do her job correctly.

My advice!

WALT:Think critically about what we read.

Task description: Our task was to do a presentation about giving advice.
I gave advice on whether this person should buy a Garmin watch or a Fit bit charge. Well first I looked at the customer reviews. The reason why I looked there first was so I could see what people that have bought the product think about it.

And second I researched the watch to see what it can do do and stuff like that. Then the last step is that I had to gather all the information and put it into an email to send back telling them my opinion.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Maths problem solving!

WALT: add and subtract decimals
Task description: In this activity we are learning how to add and subtract decimals. This is really familiar to a term 1 presentation that I did where if there is a question like 5.9-3.7? Well first I say to myself why sub when I can add and this is how you do it. 

So as I said before if I have a question like 5.9-3.9 I can think and say well what is 3.7 + something = 5.9. Lets start with the whole number 3+2=5. Then 0.7 + 0.2 =0.9 so add all of that together and the answer is 2.2. I always add the things that I added the first time.  


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Maths teacher lesson!

Task description: We got the task to do a maths teacher lesson learning about adding and subtracting decimals. For me I rate this out of 10 a 3 for difficulty. It was really  easy and I would ask for a harder one.

Maths problem solving!

WALT:add and subtract decimals

Task description:We got the task to do a presentation. I have learnt how to add decimals and also how to add numbers in place value for e.g.0.82+0.37=1.19.

I am snorkeling!

WALT: We are learning about auxiliary verbs and using them in sentences.

Task description: We got the task to do a presentation about auxiliary words.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


WALT:  We are learning about conjunctions and how to use them in sentences.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.01.00 AM.png

Gene can go to school if it’s not raining out side

Lena has a sore foot when she played rugby on saturday

Katarina won’t be going to the movies unless she cleans her room

Sione can ride his bike since 2012 when he was 5

Sally climbed a tree although she was scared to climb down

Kyle walked home from school after the rain had stopped

Simon was full from dinner but was hungry for dessert

Anna watched her sister while texting her friend

Scott was in charge only if his parents really trusted him

Shelley played ripper rugby because she liked running

  • They are rich but they aren’t happy.

  • We went home because we were tired.

  • We went home early, so we missed the end of the concert.?

  • We went home when Jane wanted to.

  • We went home before the concert ended.

  • We went home after Max Jones had sung his first song.

  • We went home although / though we did not really want to.

  • We will go home if we are tired.
Task: We got the task to write 2 sentences and put a conjunction in between to give the reader a good idea of what is happening. For e.g Rugby was cancelled because it was raining. This is what I have.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Math problem solving!

Walt:Add and subtract decimals

Task: We got the task to add and subtract. For example if I had 1.8 g of sugar and my aunty had 5.4 how much do we have all together. 5+1=6
and what's 0.4+0.8=1.2 add it together and you get 7.2. Very similar to that equation that I just did.

I would rate difulcity probably 1 out of 10. This was really easy on my hand and next week I would really want a hard one.

Maths teacher leason!

Task description: This video is all about what we learnt through the week. We were learning all about decimals and fractions. Hope you enjoy.

Maths problem solving!

WALT: Add and subtract decimals

I learnt that when adding or subtracting decimals you can think of it as a whole number. for example 0.9+0.9. Well 9 + 9 = 18 in whole numbers but in decimals 0.9+0.9 would be 1.8.

If I had a million dollars!

Walt:write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
Having a million dollars at the mall would be absolutely fun . I could buy this and that from expensive stores, I could get the latest phone and electronics, I could get the newest shoes and all the fine clothing I could get. The most thing I would get from the mall if I had a million dollars would be an beleive it or not a collection of diary of a wimpy kid books because they are my favourite.

Million dollars at toy world. I would buy board games like Monopoly to just have fun with family at christmas.And also I would buy netball ball because I could practise my defending and improving my skills in netball But in my head I am thinking that I could buy the whole store and make it into something more bigger and better like put in all the latest stuff in and sell them so I could still be rich well if anybody buys anything.

If I could spend my million dollars anywhere I would go straight to Jb hifi. Spending my money on electronics like the iphone 6 and samsung 5 because it goes underwater and other cool phones and ipads. But at the same time it would be really cool to just buy all the phones because if you’re rich you don’t need to even look at the price tag, you could get whatever you want.

Warehouse is where I would go to get my clothes and a book like every month. But since I have a million dollars I could buy all the books all the girls clothes and anything I wanted. I could by 100 bike for me or 12 computers for me only and all the thing I wanted. I would go straight to the phone cases so I could get all the samsung s4 cases for my phone so if I think that case really is getting old then I could swap it for another one.

Spending my money on all these things would be really cool although If I really had a million dollars I would help my family move into a bigger house and get a new tv to watch sky on. I would also go shopping for my family to fill the cupboards up and maybe save some money for the future. So if I really had a million dollars I would do that.

Task description: We got the task to write a story about "if we had a million dollars at the mall". We had the chance to write about spending money in our favourite stores and

Hire a bean bag for the whole day for just 3pt!

Walt:Puresued the reader to agree with the message
Hire a bean bag today for 3pt the whole day!
Back feeling sore and feeling tired, well don’t we just have the product for you!

During class time the bean bags are for hire so you can sit on a bean bag   Instead of sitting on the hard mat floor that feels uncomfortable or on a cold hard chair, you will be able to sit on a bean bag to do your work.

The bean bags are filled with soft beans and covered in rubber skin. They can be moulded into the shape of your choice. You can choose to sit on the bean bag, or use it to lean back and relax.

The bean bags come in two different colours green and blue. It’s your choice which one you want to sit on for the day.

The price is 3pt. You pay once in the morning and then you can use the beanbag for the rest of the day hurry and get your bean bag today.

Remember for 3pt you could be sitting on the beanbag all day.

This does not include morning tea or lunch and when you go home of course.

Task description: We got the task to re-craft this advirtisment that you see right beforre you eyes.
Our teacher Mr Goodwin write one that had no big words so we as room 6 recrafted it as part of today's task.
It was a task that we had to read re write and read again and rewrite to see if it makes sense.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Beautiful kauri!

Walt:put ourselves into the text

Task description:
We got the task to do a job poster to relate to our topic "trade and enterprise". We are learning to put ourselves into small buisnesses groups.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Adriel DLO-Biodiversity

Walt:Animate and compare two animals about biodiversity

Adriel DLO-Biodiversity from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Task description:In extension we got the task to compare and contrast to animals and compare on how is it to our planet.
We got to animate and put in Imovie and do a clear voice over. To get a good mark. Having to explain and facts about the polar bear and chinook salmon.