Thursday, 15 May 2014

My New Zealand and Malawi Menu

New Zealand and Malawi have these same things-potatoes -Bread-Tea   

New Zealand has more meat than Malawi,Malawi has more Nshima than New Zealand.

In Extension we have been comparing and contrasting the difference and similarity in food in New Zealand and Malawi.One of the things that I have learnt on this project is that kids and people in Malawi are dying in the need of hunger.And Another thing I learned was that New Zealand does not have that much corn than Malawi.So This Menu is about combining the stuff that we both have in common and our difference in food. So Hope you learn and enjoy!


  1. Hi Adriel,
    I really enjoyed your menu. It was very interesting and it made me hungry. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the comment you guys

  2. Hi AdrIel,
    Great blog post and menus too!
    I kinda thought that you were using expresion to when you were writing it bye!!

  3. Hi Adriel,
    Wow that looks delicious from this picture I know that people in Malawi don't get to eat much and people in New Zealand get to eat a lot this I really like this Menu because it is really clear to see. Keep up the GOOD work

  4. Hi Adriel,
    Your menu was very interesting. It made me really hungry.
    I really liked your speech and what you talked about. From reading your Menu's I have learnt that we have a much bigger variety of foods.

    Keep up the Awesome Work!!!

  5. Hey Adriel,
    Cool menu I might try and make that burger cause it looks yum. I feel a little bit sad for Malawian's though.

    From Taimana.

  6. Hi Adriel,

    Wow!! That is a big difference. I wish you could make New Zealand's food bigger because it looks yummy! I hope the 40 hour famine helped lots for them to have lots of more food.

    From Talita.

  7. Hi Adriel

    That was a really cool post. I like how you gave us lot's of detail keep up the great work.


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