Thursday, 3 December 2015

Camp bentzon writing!

Walt: summarize a week long experience into a recount.
I’m missing the water and the fun activities already. The journey to and from Kawau Island was so amazing. The friends, fun activities, and especially those bombs into the magnificent water. But what else happened on camp? I woke up early in the morning excited for camp but also tired and exhausted. Driving to school and saying the last goodbyes to my aunty was sad. When I walked into the hall I could feel the joy and excitement running under my skin. The last korero was said by Mr Burt, but all I could think about was getting on the bus.

Loading the bus with bags and people was some hard, but we got
there in the end. We left the Auckland grounds and my mind was opened up, I got to explore New Zealand by bus and ferry. It was fantastic.

As soon as we got off the ferry, unloading the ferry was our first task. Unloading was super boring, but not as boring as the hike we did straight after Peter and Erin introduced us to the wonderful Kawau Island. Killer mountain was the hiking trail we did. Was it safe? Yes, yes it was. ( most of the time)

Out of all the fun and games my favorite activity was orienteering. I liked the adventure and clues and also the hiking that was fit into one small activity. I also loved the challenge which was to solve and find letters . This activity made me really bond with my teammates so I guess that bonding is another reason why I liked orienteering.

From sailing to the Burma trail my favorite story would have to be the concert night. Partly because I did the splits but also I found out that Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin were ‘the curly brothers’. Then the performances were so cool with the boys pretending to be girls and the girls pretending to be boys.

Finally the last day came,Friday was a massive clean up of cabins, toilets and maybe even tears from saying goodbye to the beautiful Kawau Island. Getting on the ferry was sad and happy. Happy I was going to see my family and sad because I was leaving Kawau Island.

Kawau island!

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