Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brand new netbooks!!!

Eventually on Friday the 7 of February 2014 class 10 at were marching to the hall,when we got there we sat down on the chairs and saw class 9.Class 10 gave our contract to our teacher miss Ouano,well it wasen’t a contract for our netbooks but it was a paper with promises on it.At that momment it was starting to get really boring but,time to start.

Next Mr and Mrs Burt gave us a korero and demonstration about the kawa of care.Mr Burt showed us how to place our netbooks carefully on the table because Pt England has the experience in the past of people braking their netbooks by the way they put it on the table. A few minutes later Mrs Burt took over because Mr Burt had to go to a meeting.

 After the korero it was time to open our netbook boxes.I was so over the moon.It was like opening a present on christmas morning.We opened our netbook boxes and gently grabbed our chromebooks and placed it on the table.

We turned on our netbooks and explored the internet. After we searched the web we shut down our computers and got our netbook cases. We carefully put our netbook in the cases and walked back to class.

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