Friday, 28 February 2014

How to be a good friend!!

What makes a good friend? Well its great that  you asked because my name is Adriel and I am going to explain what makes a good friend. The qualities in a good friend should be trustworthy, helpful, generous, forgiving and so much more.

If you want to be a good friend I suggest you should be friendly and encourage all of the sport or acting she or he is doing because it will drive your friendship on a whole new level.
A best way to forgive each other is to get into the same room and talk about it and say sorry. Remember always talk about it so you can see what is wrong and what’s not wrong.

If someone is bullying your friend and hurting them you don’t be a meany and say bad things to them you tell them to “stop”. Then help her up and take her to the sickbay. A good and helpful friend will actually help their best friend in tough situations .

I have told what a good friend is, to encourage a friend, and be a helpful person.Well I got to go so bye.

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  1. Hi Adriel,

    This Is a good Post About Being a Good Friend You Worked Real Hard at This.


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