Monday, 3 August 2015

If I had a million dollars!

Walt:write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
Having a million dollars at the mall would be absolutely fun . I could buy this and that from expensive stores, I could get the latest phone and electronics, I could get the newest shoes and all the fine clothing I could get. The most thing I would get from the mall if I had a million dollars would be an beleive it or not a collection of diary of a wimpy kid books because they are my favourite.

Million dollars at toy world. I would buy board games like Monopoly to just have fun with family at christmas.And also I would buy netball ball because I could practise my defending and improving my skills in netball But in my head I am thinking that I could buy the whole store and make it into something more bigger and better like put in all the latest stuff in and sell them so I could still be rich well if anybody buys anything.

If I could spend my million dollars anywhere I would go straight to Jb hifi. Spending my money on electronics like the iphone 6 and samsung 5 because it goes underwater and other cool phones and ipads. But at the same time it would be really cool to just buy all the phones because if you’re rich you don’t need to even look at the price tag, you could get whatever you want.

Warehouse is where I would go to get my clothes and a book like every month. But since I have a million dollars I could buy all the books all the girls clothes and anything I wanted. I could by 100 bike for me or 12 computers for me only and all the thing I wanted. I would go straight to the phone cases so I could get all the samsung s4 cases for my phone so if I think that case really is getting old then I could swap it for another one.

Spending my money on all these things would be really cool although If I really had a million dollars I would help my family move into a bigger house and get a new tv to watch sky on. I would also go shopping for my family to fill the cupboards up and maybe save some money for the future. So if I really had a million dollars I would do that.

Task description: We got the task to write a story about "if we had a million dollars at the mall". We had the chance to write about spending money in our favourite stores and

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