Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Reflection of Cindy in da house!!

Walt:write a reflection about our school production.

Cindy in da house!!
Cindy in da house is our school production that we got to see on friday, term 3 last week of term. It was also on tuesday,wednesday and thursday night from 22nd of september.
We would pay five dollars a ticket but on friday it was a free showing for our whole school.   

Gathering at 9:00 in the morning lining up in different spaces of the hall that we are not 
familiar with and sitting down waiting patiently. As 10 minutes passed the show was starting. Lights went off, nothing to see, people came on. Dancing,singing,acting and short clips were in this brilliant show.

After about an hour, the show was finished. From amazing dancing to an amazing performance.
This would have to be one of my favourite theatre show in my whole entire life. It was an amazing experience.

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