Friday, 25 September 2015

Term 3 ambassador experience!

Walt:write an over view/experience about the ambassadors.

My ambassador experience? Well first this term was a busy term for us ambassadors. There was a speaking engagement on one day as a sports game. But made even busier because the tournament/game was on right after we had finished. It was a challenge getting to our games but we eventually got there, thanks to Mrs Nua and Mrs McMillan for the rides to our sports games. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't have made it. So as you have read it's been a heck of a term hasn't it?

Another experience I will add is the pacific ambassadors and taking a trip to Auckland university(Epsom campus). Now with the pacific ambassadors it was so cool looking at ambassadors from different parts of the Pacific like, Fiji, Cook Islands, Hawaii and the island/country that we live in - New Zealand. The cool part was that the year 6 ambassadors are representatives of Pt England School. It just gives you a good feeling inside and makes you proud of yourself because you know that you have done something good. You might be thinking, "Oh is it always this hard?" because when I started I felt like that but the thing is you are representing 600 and something students so you have got to be proud. And that is what I feel now and onwards.

My last and final but yet my greatest event yet is the trip to Auckland University. It was a big room with about 30 people in that room. It was a harder experience than doing it at school and just speaking, because you have to change the script. Instead of saying welcome to Pt England school you will have to say thank you for welcoming us in to your learning space and into your university. Mumbling up the words is what lets you down but just pick yourself up and keep on talking. That is what I believe our creator, our leader and beautiful director of Manaiakalani, Mrs Burt, said to us when we first got started.

That is my ambassador term 3 experience. Hope you have enjoyed reading my ambassador experience as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.

Thank you to Mrs and Mr Burt for all your love and kindness!!

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