Friday, 11 April 2014


Kia ora,do you want to know what fiafia is to Pt England School? It is a time to celebrate cultures all around the world. But I know what you're thinking, what does fiafia mean? Well in Samoa and Tonga it means happy,  in New Zealand it means a celebration. But in order to perform you will have to relate to your tutor and participate in the movements you are doing.

I am in middle kapahaka. My tutor is Whaia sophie. She is an amazing tutor and she is very helpful, because she  gives up all her time to be with us.
Our middle kapahaka group is small,but the closer we get the better we are going to be.The three competencies which is good for fiafia is relating to others,participate and think ,because you have to relate to others , participate in what you are suppose to do and think of what you are singing.

So this is what Fiafia means to Pt England school.
Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday night Pt England. Bye

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