Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Key competencies!!

What are the key competencies you ask? Well It is the five keys to success in learning. I am here to tell you one key competencies I am good at and one I need to work on. So why don’t we get started.

When I am using my manners, controlling myself, I am managing myself.  Managing myself is a key competencies that I am good at. I am also good at relating to others, using languages, texts and symbols and participating and contributing. What are you successful at? We have talked about what I am successful at now lets talk about what I need to work on.

What I need to work on is thinking. I need to think before I say and do thing’s. Well thinking is what I need to work on. What key competencies do you have to work on?

Well managing myself is one that I am good at and thinking is one I need to work on. So now you can try all these five keys to success. Remember always be good. bye.

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