Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why should you learn to swim!!

Why should we learn to swim?

Why should you learn to swim is a great question to ask. So I am here to answer that question and give examples throughout the text. Mmmm… so why don’t we get started.

One example why you should learn how to swim is when you are out at sea and your ship or boat tip over then you will drown. But if you know how to swim then you actually have a chance at surviving in the ocean. So swimming can make you survive and have fun in the water. Swimming can also make you a hero for saving somebody’s life.     

Learning how to swim can be an exercise for you and your friends. The kicking helps your legs get more power and  makes you really fit. I think we are finished with this subject so  lets move to something else shall we.

If you do not know how to swim and your friend invites you to go to the pools, then what are you going to do? An example when your friend goes to the bombing area and you stay in the little pool, the you will be really really embarrassed. But if you know how to swim and you go in the bombing pool then you will have so much fun.

Well those are all my reasons why you should learn how to swim. So it is time for me to go. Hope you have a fun time swimming or learning to swim. Bye.

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