Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fred's Camp!!!

Fred and His Amazing Night-time Powers - Part 1

WALT: Share our understanding of the text as it is read (comprehension).

1. How do you know that Mrs Ramsbottom regretted the kids bringing torches last year?
It is because people were flashing their torches and having lollies and cookies.

2. How come Fred didn’t groan?
Because he didnt need light because he was blind.

3. How did the boys feel about Fred? How do you know?
They felt that he would not fit in with the other boys because he is different.
4. What kind of personality do you think James Cowan has? What kind of kid is he?
I think his personality not listening and he is a cheeky kid.
5. Why did the boys make Fred sleep on the bottom bunk?
Because the don’t want the responsibility of him falling.

6. What kind of jobs do you think the kids had to do?
To go to their cabin and set it up and then return back to the U.

7. How do you play kidnappers? List the instructions below:
You try to get a member from the  other team and return them back to their hideout and put them as a prisoner The winning group with the most enemies wins  

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