Thursday, 6 March 2014

A frogs life cycle!!

Have you ever heard about a frog’s life cycle before? Hmmmm…..Well my name is Adriel and I am going to tell you the 4 stages of a frog. The four main stages are egg, tadpoles,froglet and adult frog.

Well the 1st stage is a tiny jelly egg. The mother survive and some don’t.The reason why they don’t survive,because there are lots of hungry enemies eating them.

After about a week then a baby tadpole comes out,it has no arms,no legs just a tail. It has gills just like a fish so it can breath underwater.When the tadpole is growing it’s  legs then the tail starts to disappear.

When the tail starts to disappear It starts to grow arms and legs .Once the tadpole has done metamorphosis the little frog now lives on land hiding underneath leaves and stones.They listen for danger to alert the other frogs.

After about 6-12 months the froglet has now turned into an a  adult frog.Now she or he can find the special someone to start the life cycle over again.

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