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Hello my name is Adriel and I am going to tell about year 5 and 6 camp and all the activity’s we did on camp. Every time you are at camp you get divided into six groups like Care squad, Caretakers, Manakai,Care ring,All stars and care bears(I was in  the care squad). So umm...Why don’t we get started.

On a Wednesday morning all the year five and six went to the hall so we know what we are going to do first activity while we are on camp.Miss Garden
was talking about how our attitude has to be.Finally we are done talking and getting sent to our activity.Our first activity was top town.

One of the care squads first activity was Top town. Top town is a game of team work and battle.We as a team had to use wood to get safely across the the river of the screaming eel’s so we do not get eaten alive.Well that was our first challenge our second challenge was the battle station.It is a challenge was to chuck water balloons at the teams.The wetest team loses. After the station we had to go to the ball station we you get a catapult to shoot tennis ball’s on their Island.

Next it was the gumboot throw which we had to target their Island.We did the gumboot throw so now we have to get six planks of wood and cross the river of the screaming eel’s and back to our Island and put up our flag,we ran and ran but sadly we lost the battle but I think we aren't losers we are winners because we worked together and gave it everything we had.Well now we are finished of to the next activity which is kayaking.

Now we are at Pt England Beach where Mr Burt was teaching camp students how to kayak. When our group got to the beach we had to sat down on the sand to talk about the rules of kayaking. We learnt things like how we get in “Foot bum foot” and how we paddle. The paddle is like a knife so when you put one side in the water and you bring it out you rotate it to get more power.

Finally we were aloud to get in a kayak and paddle around the water.I went around the buoy which is really far out. For a second I thought I was going to fall out, but I didn’t so I was so lucky. When I was nearly at shore I tipped into the sea. It was really funny because from then I kept  falling and falling. I rotated the kayak to Leni because I was tired. After about twenty minutes I went in a double kayak with Judah. Me and Judah were near a big rock I wanted to paddle out to the buoy but I tipped over again. We were pushing the kayak back when I cut myself. The cause of the bleeding was a large sharp object (I really do not what it was). I got back to the sand and I used my hat as a big plaster.I sat down and didn’t move until it was was time to go back to school.
We said thank you and bye to Mr Burt and headed back to camp to have afternoon tea.
When we arrived at school we went into our camp teacher’s classroom and did some blogging about camp.We also did practice for our concert on thursday night.Our song is macklemore ft ryan lewis can't hold us.After practice we went to the hall to get our bags and put it in our tent.My leg was numb through all of that work.

By the time we were finished the Care squad and caretakers went to the pools to have a swim and shower.The swim was fantastic but the shower’s were very cold. When we came back we hung up our togs and had some lunch.We came back and people were playing riverside games.So we joined in with all the fun.Once we were finished we got our cutlury and had dinner.

After dinner we brushed our teeth,changed into our pyjamas and went to sleep.But after all I could not sleep because people were fake coughing,farting,laughing and talking.Just the moment went by all I could here was the beautiful sound of the crickets and I went to sleep.

This year’s camp was such an experience.I was packing my bags miserable but I thought about next year’s camp but I’m not going on one camp I am going on two camps.


                                                               The end

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  1. Hi Adriel,
    I really loved reading your story about your camp earlier this year, it sounds like you had heaps of fun. I think it is really awesome how even though you didn't win, you thought your team were winners as you all worked together as a team to complete the activities, that is a great skill to have and awesome positive thinking. Well done :)
    Jamie-Lee, student teacher from the University of Canterbury


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